Wood is an important resource used throughout the Age of Empires series, including Age of Mythology. It is most often required for buildings or training ranged units and is usually acquired by felling trees.

Methods to obtain Wood

Wood can be collected by the following methods. The best way to acquire wood is by cutting down trees, since it takes much less time to gather it.


Trees are abundant on almost every map found in the game, including arid ones. Major forests can easily be located and cut down, both supplying wood for new buildings and clearing land to build on.
Tập tin:Gather wood.gif


Gold can be traded for Wood at the Market. The more Wood the player buys, the more expensive it gets. In Age of Empires and Age of Empires III, the market also contains essential upgrades that can increase the speed of wood collecting from chopping down trees.


Tribute can be an effective way to obtain wood, but is not highly recommended. Occasionally, other players may tribute you Wood, although it is more likely you will receive Gold.

Factory (Age of Empires III only)

Factories can be set to produce an infinite supply of Wood, as well as Food and Coin. Factories can only be constructed by the Factory wagon sent by the "Factory" card. which is available in the Industrial Age or later. The Chinese can build the Porcelain Tower as a Wonder to advance in Age. The Wonder can generate wood like a factory as well as coin, food and a combination.

Other methods

Building Trading Posts (Age of Empires III) is another way to obtain Wood, and produce around 100 units in a selected resource for free each time a Travois, Carriage or Train makes a full loop around a trade route. Age of Empires III also offers the option of Home City shipments as a means to get extra Wood. Once selected, Wood arrives in the form of Cords to the Shipment Point which by default is Town Center. Villagers must work on them to unpack them to the wood supply.
Every Civilization can send 300 Wood infinitely at Discovery Age.
Every Civilization may send 600 Wood to 700 Wood at Colonial Age and 1000 Wood at Fortress Age.
The Dutch, Portuguese, French and Russians may send 1600 Wood at Industrial Age.
The Portuguese may send and share 1000 Wood with TEAM 1000 Brazilwood card with allied players at Industrial Age.
The Ottomans may send and share TEAM Silk Road which increases all food, wood and coin containers from 100 to 130.

Icon Name Effect Home City Level Age

Tập tin:Infinite wood.gif

300 Wood

Ships 300 Wood
-Can be sent Infinite times


Tập tin:Ages discovery.jpg

Tập tin:Wood cords.jpg

600 Wood

Ships 600 Wood
-Germans also ship 2 Uhlans


Tập tin:Ages colonial.jpg

Tập tin:Wood cords.jpg

700 Wood

Ships 700 Wood
-Germans also ship 2 Uhlans


Tập tin:Ages colonial.jpg

Tập tin:Wood cords.jpg

1000 Wood

Ships 1000 Wood
-Germans also ship 3 Uhlans


Tập tin:Ages fortress.jpg

Tập tin:Wood cords.jpg

1600 Wood

Ships 1600 Wood
-Not available for Germans,
Ottomans, British and Spanish


Tập tin:Ages industrial.jpg

Tập tin:1000 brazilwood.gif

TEAM 1000 Brazilwood

Ships 1000 Wood
-Portuguese only
-Allies also get 1000 Wood


Tập tin:Ages industrial.jpg

Tập tin:Silk road.gif

TEAM Silk Road

Cords contain 30 more from now on.
-Ottomans only
-Also affects Wood shipments of allies


Tập tin:Ages colonial.jpg

Cheats to obtain Wood

  • Age of Empires: woodstock +1000 Wood
  • Age of Empires II: lumberjack +1000 Wood
  • Age of Empires III: <censored> +10000 Wood
  • Age of Mythology: TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE +1000 Wood

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