War Galley
War Galley
AgeBronze Age
Trained atDock
TypeNaval Unit
Cost135 Wood
Upgraded FromScout Ship
Upgraded ToTrireme
Cost to Upgrade300 Food
100 Wood

The War Galley is a warship featured in Age of Empires and Rise of Rome. War Galleys are available at the Dock once Bronze Age is reached when 150 Food and 75 Wood is invested at developing the Technology. The War Galley is an upgrade of the much lighter Scout Ship. The War Galley has more hit points, attack strength, and range than a Scout Ship. Once the Iron Age is reached, the War Galley can be upgraded to a more improved ship, the Trireme. Ships are 2X resistant to enemy conversions than regular units.


Civilization Bonuses

  • Greek warships are 30% faster.
  • Minoan naval units costs 30% less.
  • Hittite warships have +4 range.
  • Yamato naval units have 30% more HP.


Ancient ship designers tried numerous tricks to get more power for warships, including putting more men on single oars. The most successful design was the bireme, an ancient warship devised by the Phoenicians. This ship is a precursor to the Trireme and features two tiers of single rowers per side. This ship provided reasonable maneuverability and speed. It appeared around 1000 BC and made up the bulk of Mediterranean navies for several hundred years after around 600 BC.

Unit Evolution: War Galley

Scout Ship --> War Galley --> Trireme

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