Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
Age of Empires

The Phoenicians are fairly well-rounded. They can be effective in the Bronze Age with their Chariots, Chariot Archers, Cavalry, Camel Riders, and Composite Bowmen. They are also powerful in the Iron Age due to having Legion, Centurion, Elephant Archer, Scythe Chariot, Armored Elephant, and a fully upgradeable Priest. They are a good choice for water maps due to their fully upgradeable ships and faster fire rate for Catapult Triremes and Juggernauts, although this bonus may not always be that useful considering the cost of Catapult Triremes and their lateness in the game; Phoenicians may be overpowered by Yamato who have increased HP for all their ships. However, Phoenicia's ability to gather wood faster is effective for faster shipbuilding. This bonus also allows Phoenicia to be reasonably powerful on land maps with low resources, because they will not need as many Villagers on wood and thus can have more Villagers gathering food. Defensively, they are generally fairly powerful due to having Ballista Tower and Fortification. Their biggest drawback is the fact that their only siege weapon is the Stone Thrower. A lack of Chain Mail can also hurt them somewhat in the Iron Age. If the computer controls this civilization in Iron Age with sufficient amount of surplus resources on land as in deathmatches, their entire army will consist of armored elephants, elephant archers and priests.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Immensely powerful on water maps.
  • Powerful Iron Age Technologies are open to them.
  • Can train more war elephants than other civilizations can.
  • Both offensive and defensive.
  • Powerful in Deathmatches.


  • Cannot build elite siege weapons.
  • Lack armor upgrades in the Storage Pit during the Iron Age.
  • Not very powerful in early game play.
  • Cannot implement hit and run attacks.
  • Not as powerful in Random Map.

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