AgeIron Age
Trained atAcademy
TypeHeavy Infantry
Cost60 Food,
40 Gold
Upgraded FromHoplite
Upgraded ToCenturion
The Phalanx is a heavy infantry unit that is available in Age of Empires. It is the successor for the Hoplite in cases of most civilizations, and may be upgraded to the Centurion. The Phalanx, however, is unfortunately slow, but makes up for it with the strength, high hitpoints and great armor.

It can be trained from the Academy.


Phalanx is only available for the following:


Tool Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age

Civilization Bonuses

  • Greek Phalanxes are 30% faster
  • Carthaginian Phalanxes have 25% more HP
  • Macedonian Phalanxes have +2 Armour when dealing with slingers, archers and ranged siege units, have +2 Line of sight, and are 4 times more resistant to enemy conversions.


The phalanx was a Greek heavy infantry formation used from about 800 BC to the conquest of Greece by the Romans in the Second Century BC. The Greek infantry, called hoplites, formed a square that could quickly face in any of four directions. Each man carried a pike or spear up to 12 feet in length. As the formation advanced, it presented an imposing wall of spear points to its front. Hoplites carried a large round shield and wore a bronze helmet, breastplate (cuirass), and greaves. All free men in the Greek city-states trained in the phalanx. The discipline and drill required to make the phalanx work permeated the entire Greek culture. Greek infantry fighting in the phalanx was the finest in the western world for several centuries. No other infantry faced it in hand-to-hand combat and won until the new tactics of combined arms made it obsolete. The last great success of the phalanx was in Alexander's campaign against the Persians, although in that army it fought as part of a combined arms army.

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