Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
Persepolis Zoros.jpg
This artistic manuscript depicts an image of a Persian palace under Faravahar. This spirit above the palace is the symbol of their official religion, Zoroastrianism.
Age of Empires & Rise of Rome
Architectural StyleBabylonian
FeaturesWar Elephant moves 50% faster

Villagers hunt food 30% faster Trireme rate of fire +50%

Farming production -33% (removed in RoR)
ContinentCentral Asia
MapsLand & water
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Persia refers to an ancient Middle-Eastern kingdom ruled by the inhabitants, known as the Persians which is primarily based on Achaemenid Empire located roughly in present day Iran. The civilization reached its peak under Persian king Xerxes, but slowly fell apart following the conquest of Alexander the Great which occurred just after the Persian naval defeat at Salamis in an attempt to conquer the Greek city states. The Persians are a playable civilization in Age of Empires and are strictly an offensive civilization which illustrates their rapid expansion of their empire under Cyrus the Great. They can train a variety of elite units and have the best Cavalry units in the game. They have the ability to train all archers (except chariots), though their archers can suffer from poor range and lack of accuracy. Although the Persians have a fast economy near the beginning of the game, their economic might becomes less active once the game progresses.


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