Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
Palmyran Ruins.jpg
This is an ancient Palmyran ruin located in present day Syria.
Rise of Rome
Architectural StyleRoman
FeaturesFree Tribute
ContinentWestern Asia
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The Palmyrans were once the inhabitants of the kingdom of Palmyra and are a playable civilization in the Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome expansion. They were a vastly important city in Syria which fell under the rule of numerous empires (Assyrians, Romans). Despite this, they were still a very powerful city and often were referred to as the most prosperous of all Syrian cities. Palmyra became a very important city in Rome only declining in importance until the rise of the Sassanids in Persia which severely damaged Palmyran trade in the region. Under the successive Arab and Byzantine rule their importance rapidly declined. In the game, they are primarily an offensive civilization and are also an economic civilization. This civilization is most effective in Random Map and is the most powerful in the Bronze Age but is also effective on other ages as well.

Civilization Bonuses

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