AgeIron Age
Trained atBarracks
Cost35 Food,
15 Gold
Upgraded FromLong Swordsman
A Legion is an infantry unit that is featured in Age of Empires. It is an upgrade of the Long Swordsman and is more than twice as powerful.


For the cheap cost and good hit point count, the Legion is an excellent choice to send into battle over the Long Swordsman. They can survive longer and give more damage although they still remain inferior to Academy units. These units are great for massed attacks due to their cheap cost and expendability. They are the weakest type of super unit and cannot be upgraded further. If played as the Choson, their hit points increases by 50% and if played as the Romans, their attack rate increases by 33%.


The Legion is an uncommon unit, and only these civilizations can train them:


Tool Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age

Civilization Bonuses

  • Choson Legions has +80 hitpoints.
  • Roman Legions attack +33% faster


Legions in Age of Empires were primarily based on troops that once patrolled the frontiers of the Roman Empire. These troops were very well trained and were considered as one of the best soldiers in Europe during antiquity. For one thing, the Roman Empire had a centralized bureaucracy which improved the skill and tactics generals use during combat since only well trained soldiers are allowed to become the legions and praetorians of Rome. These soldiers are controlled by infantry divisions which made warfare easier by splitting infantry into different groups. Roman Centurions commanded a group of 100 legionaries, with other officers controlling smaller groups under the Centurion. Roman Legions were equipped with a pilum, or javelin, which was used for throwing, a gladius (short iron sword), their primary weapon, and a large shield. The use of iron in the legions' equipment gave them an advantage over many other civilizations, which used bronze in their tools and weapons, which was heavier and tended to shatter.

Unit Evolution: Legion

Short Swordsman --> Broad Swordsman --> Long Swordsman --> Legion

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