For the Age of Empires II variant, see Farm (Age of Empires II)
For the Age of Empires III variant, see Mill (Age of Empires III)
For the Age of Mythology variant, see Farm (Age of Mythology)
First AppearanceAge of Empires
Cost75 Wood
Age AvailableTool Age
Base Hit Points50
UseProvides food
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The Farm is a building that provides a reliable supply of Food, which can only be gathered by Villagers. The Market must be built in order to build Farms. The productivity can be increased by researching domestication, the plow, and irrigation. Each technology increases food production by 75 points, totaling the food production up to 475 per farm. If played as the Sumerians, the farm productivity in every farm doubles without researching any of the farm upgrades. If played as the Minoans, the farm productivity increases by 25%.

Although multiple villagers can gather from a farm at once, secondary villagers cannot gather food until the original farmer leaves to deposit food. Farms do not allow units (even the villager) to pass through it (meaning you have to be careful about their placement). They cannot be automatically reseeded.

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