AgeIron Age
Trained atAcademy
TypeHeavy Infantry
Cost60 Food,
40 Gold
The Centurion is a Heavy Infantry unit in Age of Empires and Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. They can be trained at the Academy after researching it as the ultimate upgrade of the Hoplite and Phalanx. The upgrade also requires the research Aristocracy at the Government Center. Although fairly slow, the centurion makes up for it with its high hitpoints, great attack and exceptional armor.


The Centurion is a common unit, the following civilizations can train them:

Note: Palmyrans don't get Centurions for lacking the Aristocracy upgrade


Tool Age

Bronze Age

Iron Age

Note: Aristocracy is the prerequisite for upgrading Phalanx to Centurion, they will always be 25% faster than un-upgraded hoplites

Civilization Bonuses

  • Greek Centurions are 30% faster
  • Carthaginian Centurions have 25% more HP, which means they will have 200 HP instead of the normal 160 HP from other civilizations.
  • Macedonian Centurions have +2 Armour when dealing with slingers, archers and ranged siege units, have +2 Line of sight and are 4 times more resistant to enemy conversions.


The smallest tactical unit in the Roman army trusted with independent maneuver was the century, standing 100 man strong (later 80 with the remaining 20 comprising administrative staff and hangers-on). Each century was commanded by a Centurion, a veteran promoted from the ranks after demonstrating bravery, skill, discipline, and leadership. The century was roughly equivalent to the modern infantry platoon and the Centurion was a combination of modern infantry platoon commander (usually a Lieutenant) and top sergeant. Centuries were further organised into cohorts - six centuries per cohort (480 men total) - with the most senior centurion taking overall command of the cohort, akin to a modern infantry company and infantry company commander (usually a Captain or Major). Centurions were the backbone of the legions that built and defended the Roman Empire.

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